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    Top 5 female sex fantasies revealed

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    The Top 5 female sexual fantasies have been revealed! They are so amazing, so shocking, that I shall bury the lead under a few paragraphs of text describing the history of women writing books about women thinking about sex. Seriously, go watch the animation to find out what they are! Sex and the internet didn't join forces so you could spend all night reading!

    Now, if you're a man and you think you know the top five sexual fantasies held by women, then you've probably read Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden, written 40 years ago this year. If you haven't read My Secret Garden, I'll get you caught up. Secret Garden is sixth grade literary code for "vagina," and the book is full of women describing how they like it done. There, now we're all on the same page.

    My Secret Garden has been a repository of information on women's intimate desires ever since its release. Unfortunately, 40 years is the perfect amount of time to produce a cougar, but not the ideal age for knowledge on modern sexual trends. For example, dental dams and ginormous bush aren't as fashionable as they once were.

    So this year, one Emily Dubberley has released Garden of Desires to keep us up to date. Now here it is! The Top 5 sexual fantasies held by some women somewhere! Are you ready? They are: Being dominated, being dominant, exhibitionism, group sex, and sex with a fantasy partner! WOO! Well, I hope it was worth it, boys and girls. Now, go back to using the internet for its design intention — trading information between libraries :)


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