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9 years ago

the 'robert conners' video is a fake!!! (please read description)

who is surprised? the 23rd was the date for the release of prince EA's track, 'i know who killed hip hop'. here is what was in the description for the short film:

"What will happen next? SUBSCRIBE for Part 2!
You have made history by watching the very first Hip Hop Thriller Series. Thank You!"

to me, this whole thing is what is wrong with the internet. there's so much information out there, that people use shock value to allude to truth, as opposed to just plainly speaking truth with ACTUAL PROOF and no dressing. people are so desensitized that those who speak the plain truth are ignored in favor of gimmicks, talking points, code words and ostentatiousness (think russell brand).

is prince EA working for the puppetmasters? i cannot say. i do think what he is doing is distracting us though. the short film alludes to 'truth' but is done to me in a way which satirizes conspiracy theories. people get excited about things like this, then lose focus.

for some reason i thought prince EA had something to do with EA sports, the video game company. but then again, video games are getting more and more 'realistic', so there you go.

so YES, those michael tapes were fake. we are so inundated with hollywood-ism of 'the truth' that we believe whatever we see if it adheres to our personal belief systems. QUESTION AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, particularly if you have initially received little information.

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