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    CGR Undertow - GAME BOY MICRO Video Game Hardware Review


    by CGRundertow

    Game Boy Micro review. Shop CGR shirts & mugs! Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of the Game Boy Micro hardware from Nintendo. A sleek new iteration of the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo's Game Boy Micro is a handheld that takes "handheld" to a whole new level. At just two by four inches in size, it's one of the smallest portable gaming consoles in history. Although it scrapped the backwards compatibility of previous Game Boy Advance versions, the console supports all GBA software. The Game Boy Micro features a 240x160 screen, which looks very sharp on the small hardware, and weighs less than an iPhone. Despite its cool form factor, however, the Game Boy Micro was considered a failure at retail. It fell drastically short of Nintendo's sales forecasts, ironically limited by the very size that was its purpose. That said, the Micro was always a niche product, and it serves that niche very well. Alongside the DS Lite, it's one of the sleekest and most attractive handheld systems Nintendo has ever designed. This video review features video footage of the Game Boy Micro hardware and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.