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    Marvel Developing 'Agent Carter' TV Series


    by ClevverMovies

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    So, maybe a standalone movie isn't next for Agent Carter, like many of us had hoped, but will we complain about a television series? I think not. Deadline is reporting that Marvel is currently developing a brand new television series that will be inspired by Agent Peggy Carter. This buzz is most likely a product of the positive feedback Marvel's been getting about the brand new one shot short film, called Agent Carter, that is featured on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray release. But doesn't this sound familiar? If you remember, we've seen several one shots before on both the Thor DVD release and the Captain America DVD release, where we saw a lot of Agent Coulson and other members of SHIELD taking the spotlight. And now, we have a brand new Agents of SHIELD television series to look forward to starting September 24th on ABC. So maybe this is the formula Marvel is following in preparation to take over our televisions! Now, to be clear, none of the Peggy Carter TV show rumors have been confirmed by Marvel. Those guys are obviously more tight lipped than the US government. But The Playlist consulted their "sources" about the story, who also included that Hayley Atwell will be appearing as Agent Carter, and that shooting would take place next year.
    So, what do we think about Marvel building TV shows from their B and C level characters? Is it something that you think will bode well for them? Or, would you prefer they just stick to movies? Let us know what you're thinking out there....and make sure you are connecting with us over on Facebook and Twitter as well. We love chatting with you all over there too! From Hollywood, Im Erin White, and Ill see you next time.