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    Rapper Drake raps some love for Nicki Minaj in new "Tuscan Leather" song lyrics. Hey there! Welcome back to ClevverMusic, here's a Drizzy update for ya. It's no secret Drake and rapstress Nicki Minaj have some history: be it flirting, rumors, their couple name "Dricki", or Nicki getting Drake to guest appear on American Idol last season. And now thanks to online hackers Drakes's entire forthcoming album "Nothing Was the Same" has leaked before it's September 24th release date. The album seems to have a very personal tone, with Drake getting reflective in a lot of the tracks such as "Started From The Bottom". The first track on the album titled, "Tuscan Leather" raps about some drama with Nicki Minaj, revealing some relationship communication errors. Halfway through the track Drake raps, "I gotta stay with the family/ Not even talkin' to Nicki/ Communication is breakin'/ I dropped the ball on some personal sh**/ I need to embrace it/ I'm honest, I make mistakes/ I'd be the second to admit it/ That's why I need her in my life/ To check me when I'm trippin." So first Drake raps that he dropped the ball on some personal stuff (does that mean dropped the ball on their romantic potential?) Drake then confesses he needs Nicki in his life. We're dying to know what Rihanna thinks about this lyric. Nicki and Riri are friends and we all know Drake and Rihanna hooked up. So do you think Drake needs Nicki in his life as an understanding friend? (Yeah, they do have a lot in common) or does he want something more and this is his subtle way of proving that to her? Tell us what you think Drake is getting at here? And do you know something we don't about the Dricki relationship- tell us below! I'm Misty Kingma thanks for hanging out with here my friends, see you soon with more where this came from.