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    That "dark" music Katy Perry has been promising us- it's finally here in the form of her new witchy hip hop song "Dark Horse"! Katycats thanks for purring over to ClevverMusic, welcome back! As promised Katy Perry dropped her full-length new song "Dark Horse" today September 17th on iTunes. And it's quite the departure from her first "Prism" album single "Roar"... "Dark Horse" is hip hop. And to solidify its hip hop nature the fresh new mid-tempo track features rapper Juicy J. "Dark Horse" proves Katy has gone in a new direction musically and is quite the song chameleon, blending pop and hip hop seamlessly. The haunting "Dark Horse" song opens with Juicy J giving a shout out to their collaboration and Katy seductively singing, "I knew you were/ You were gonna come to me/ and here you are". So is she a psychic? Not quite. Katy continues, "But you better choose carefully/ 'Cause I'm capable of anything". So she's a witch? That's it! The techno hip hop beat builds as she teases, "Don't make me your enemy, your enemy, your enemy/ So you wanna play with magic" Ok so she's a witch. And it's further solidified with, "Mark my words/ This love will make you levitate". And as if the lyrics weren't deliciously daring enough, Katy's new breathy singing tone is refreshing. This is a whole new Katy, my friends. There's now "Firework" belting in this song, but I promise you'll love this new tune. And it seems Katy was uber excited for us to hear the final product tweeting up until the midnight release, "Can you send me pictures of cats while I wait pleaaaaase, it makes me feel better." Followed by, "I may or may not just be eating a skinny cow ice cream with hair dye on my head refreshing @itunesmusic nbd." Hilarious. So it seems Katy hasn't gone completely "witchy and dark" after all. Now it's your turn to listen to the song and tell us your expert Katycat opinion: did Katy & Juicy J blended their musical genres well? We think so! Thanks for watching your music news right here on ClevverMusic. I'm Misty Kingma thank you so much for tuning in every day.