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il y a 9 ans

Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley [Tuto Guitare] by TerafabGuitare

Niveau 2

[C] [Am] [C] [Am]

I [C]heard there was a [Am]secret chord
That [C]david played and it [Am]pleased the lord
But [F]you don't really [G]care for music, [C]do you [G]
Well [C]it goes like this the [F]fourth, the [G]fifth
The [Am]minor fall and the [F]major lift
The [G]baffled king com[Em]posing halle[Am]lujah
Halle[F]lujah, halle[Am]lujah, halle[F]lujah, halle[C]lu[G]u[C]jah ....
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