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Doctor documentary | Old Parkland Hospital

Doctor documentary | Old Parkland Hospital:

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Doctors from Old Parkland Hospital have been remembered and discussed in this oral history video which was commissioned by Crow Holdings. Interviews were conducted with Old Parkland Hospital alumni doctors, nurses, nursing students and faculty.

[Video transcript]

Dr. George Shropulos 1953

Training was different then. The training you got here, everybody, most people that are rotating internship so you got a little taste of everything and you can make up your mind which you wanted to do better. If you want to specialize. Now, if the internship, if you want to go to Ophthalmology, you’ll have an Ophthalmology internship. That’s why I keep emphasizing to be trained doctors here, [inaudible 00:00:30] take care of everybody.

Dr. George Boswell 1946-1955

There was something about the way nurses and doctors were trained to

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