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Alphabetical 26 Genre Metal Song

il y a 5 ans1K views

While totally inspired by Andrew Huang and Dave from boyinaband.com and their totally awesome 26 Genre song, I decided it was only fitting to make one of my own featuring 26 genres of Heavy Metal! What I find amazing is that for one style of music I only had to come up with just a couple of sub genres to complete the alphabet.

Drums programmed with Drumkit from Hell, instruments performed by myself and my lovely assistant Christy.

Note: I don't really care if you don't agree with my take on a genre, so don't bother with the comments like "that's not real _______ metal" or something. Good music is good music!

Enjoy, like, subscribe for more music videos in the future!!! Also like my facebook page for more updates!

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Alphabetical 26 Genre Metal Song
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