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    Natalie Portman Talks 'Thor 3'


    by ClevverMovies

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    "Thor: The Dark World" hasn't even hit theaters yet but we've already got some hints that a third Thor movie might be on it's way...While promoting the Thor sequel at D23, Natalie Portman told E! News that she anticipates the franchise moving toward a threequel, saying "I think they are going to make a Thor 3, so I think Anthony will be pleased." Of course, the Anthony that Portman was referring to is fellow cast member Anthony Hopkins who has expressed that he'd love to jump on board to another installment of the Marvel franchise. So what does this mean? Although nothing is set in stone as of yet, the fact that Portman is alluding to a threequel could indicate that Thor 3 might be one of the two unnamed Marvel titles intended for 2016/2017. There's been a lot of talk about Marvel introducing new characters in Phase 3, but perhaps we'll seeing more sequels and standalone movies. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let's get back to the sequel. The Clevver team also caught up with Natalie Portman at D23 where she dropped some info on what we'll be seeing in "The Dark World" mentioning that this movie is much darker than the first, that Jane and Thor will definitely have some rocky relationship moments, and that she loved having the chance to make some movie magic in Asgard. "Thor: The Dark World" hits theaters on November 8, let us know if you're excited to see the second installment and what do you think about about a threequel? And if you'd like to see our full interview with Portman and the rest of our D23 interviews, you can click the link in the description, and stay tuned for more info right here on Clevver Movies. Until next time, I'm Erin Darling!