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    Lady Gaga debuts bizarre nude Abramovic Method tutorial video, we'll tell you everything you need to know! Welcome back Little Monsters we're so happy you're watching your music news here on ClevverMusic. It seems Mother Monster's odd ways are back in full effect. Gaga has teamed up with her Serbian performance artist pal, Marina Abramovic for an artful exercise testimonial piece. The video was filmed during a three-day retreat in upstate New York, which showcases "...exercises designed to heighten participants' awareness of their physical and mental experience in the present moment." The two minute exercise demo video starts with Gaga lying on hardwood floor in an all-white karate looking uniform with her hair up in a high bun. She is touching her vocal chords and begins singing a powerful "A" holding it for an impressive 30 seconds. Then the video cuts to Gaga standing in a gorgeous running creek, this time in a grey getup. Gaga hums the same "A" line here and we get a close up of two yellow cones fixated on Gaga's eyes, and we're not sure what purpose they serve. Soon after, Marina herself joins Gaga in the creek, sitting on wooden stools back to back. Next is the most talked about part of the video, Gaga appears stark naked with her hands raised above her head walking on grass. There's more! Soon after she's bent over in the woods with boots on showing off all her artistic tattoos. My favorite shot is the next one, where she's cuddling in a room with a giant silver crystal. Then, she's sitting on the crystal, then there are crystals all around her, then she's staring at us and all we can think is O.M.G. Gaga must be a really good friend to agree to do this for Marina. The video is in support of Abramovic's Kickstarter campaign for her healing Institute, seeking funds for an education center with a $600,000 goal. We're pretty sure she'll reach that goal, with her pal Gaga's help. Little Monsters tell us your thoughts on this amazingly peculiar video—and how great does Gaga's body look? Thanks for watching ClevverMusic be sure you're following us on Twitter! I'm Misty Kingma signing off.