Jeff Bezos buys Washington Post: Amazon meets Deep Throat

  • 11 years ago
The Washington Post is about to come to your doorstep already gift wrapped, thanks to Amazon's Jeff Bezos. The Post has been one of the most important pillars of American journalism in the last half century and Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein's work exposing the Watergate scandal is one of the defining pieces of 20th Century journalism.

Now Jeff Bezos has decided to add the paper to his portfolio of crackpot investments. A storied newspaper might not sound in the same league of crazy as a $48 Million dollar desert clock, or a deep sea exploration venture, but in an age when the Boston Globe can be bought for $1.1 Billion dollars, then resold for just $70 Million only a few years later, it takes a serious eccentric to want to buy one.

Jeff Bezos is just the type of eccentric the Graham family has been waiting for, apparently. After 80 years of ownership, the family has been just as lost in the print news industry as all the other old families. Money making isn't really heard of in the newspaper industry anymore. That's why people like Bezos, with no journalism experience but loads of money, are more and more often becoming the face behind the masthead. Like John W. Henry buying the Boston Globe, or even Rupert Murdoch buying the dignified Wall Street Journal, respected newspapers are the new vanity item among today's super rich.

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