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    Mat Johns

    by Mat Johns

    35 613 views
    Kiss (2011, 11mins) follows one night in the lives of loner Rob and sex-worker Charlotte - two strangers who come together because of an odd request. Kiss is a film about not knowing, about risks, and about unseen truths. This film cost £200 to make.

    Best Director @ Newport International Film Festival 2012

    London Short Film Festival 2012
    Greater Manchester Film Festival 2012
    Newport International Film Festival 2012
    Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival 2013
    New York Independent Film Festival 2013
    American Online Film Awards 2014

    Written, directed & edited by
    Mat Johns

    Produced by
    Kate Murphy

    Rick Carter, Serena Ryan, Jay Hobday, Clay Whitter, Tom Egan, Una Love, Suzanne Elizabeth, Sarah Jane Shaw and Gerard Leavy

    DOP: David S. Noble

    Music: Rob Lucas

    Sound: William Morris, Phil McDuff & Holly Kim Wyatt

    Additional Sound: Chris Taylor