Beatles at The Cavern Club 1961

  • 11 years ago
Many years back I was a camera man at Granada TV and amazingly one of the groups I shot turned out to be the Beatles! It was very early on in their career, must have been around 61 or 62 because nobody knew who they were then. Somewhere around that time I was given a shellac disc of them playing at a club in Liverpool by one of my colleagues. Over the intervening years it got forgotten about after I moved to the south but my daughter dug it up when she was cleaning out the attic a while back, so I dusted it down and made this video. I'm not sure of the date of the recording but I believe it was around 1961. Some of you more knowledgable than me may know. There are two songs one on each side, one is Kansas City which I remember came out later on one of their albums. The other side says "The Beatles At The Cavern Club" but doesn't say the name of the song so I'm not sure what it's called.

I put these up on youtube for a while but they were deleted. I'll upload the other song later.