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8 years ago|6K views

Hardly Working: Spitballing

There are no bad ideas, just weird ones.

Patrick Cassels
Sam Reich
Brian Murphy
Adam Conover
Emily Axford
Kevin Corrigan
Dan Gurewitch
Owen Parsons
Jenny Jaffe
Streeter Seidell
Josh Ruben
J Chris Griffin
Amir Blumenfeld
Jeff Rubin

Director Saj Pothiawala
Producer Steve Cozzarelli
Editor Abhay Sofsky
President of Original Content Sam Reich
Vice President of Production / Executive Producer Spencer Griffin
Director of Production Sam Sparks
Director of Post Production Michael Schaubach
Assistant Production Manager Jeremy Reitz
Post Production Producer Lacy Wittman
Production Design Andy Myers
Art Director Chris Sullivan
Production Coordinator Sam Marine
1st Assistant Director Anu Valia
Sound Mixer Harris Karlin
Camera Operator Brendan Banks
Kenny Wu
Assistant Editor Phil Fox
Post Production Coordinator Amanda Madden
Production Accountant Christine Rodriguez
Assistant Production Accountant Erin Marshall
Production Assistant Clark Frankel
Jocelyn Roueiheb
Andy Archer