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Trans-Alaska Pipeline: Conversations with T. Boone Pickens

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Boone: I really feel like I am helping do something for this country. When you get down to it, it\'s very, very simple. This is all about us.

Brian: Hi, I\'m Brian Bradshaw. I\'m here with Boone Pickens, part of an ongoing series of videos about the current state of the energy markets. Boone, today I thought we\'d talk a little bit about something I doubt many people have focused on or understand. Let\'s start with the Trans-Alaska pipeline system. So, can you give us a little background on what I\'m even talking about, what\'s happening?

Boone: You know, people have the idea that there\'s an unlimited amount of oil in Alaska and I\'ve heard people say, \Well when we get all the Alaska oil on that it could be ten million barrels a day, it could be anything.\ Not so because we have a transatlantic, trans-Alaska pipeline is what we have and that is only two mil
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