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Little Joe: The Book Trailer by Michael E. Glasscock III

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Book Trailer Description -- Book Trailer for Little Joe, the first of four books in the Round Rock Series.

In October of 1942 I was 9 years old, and in the blink of eye my life was changed forever.

On that rainy night just outside of Chestnut Mound, Tennessee, my universe was torn apart. I don't remember how it happened. They tell me my father lost control of the car and it skidded over the side of an embankment. He and mother were killed instantly.

I came to live with my grandparents here on their farm. They did their best but really, I just wanted to go my old life.

They say time heals all, and it did take time...but more than that, it took my grandparents' love and a few faithful new friends to teach me the real meaning of family. I'm Little Joe Stout, and this is my story.

For more information about Michael E. Glasscock III and his books, please visit his website or find his novels at bookstores and online.
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