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    Psy takes over the 2013 Much Music Video Awards! Thanks for stopping by ClevverMusic my friends. Sunday night in the streets of Toronto, Korean Rapper Psy not only co-hosted this year's massive MMVAs but also opened and closed the show with performances! However, it was his Beyoncé "Single Ladies" or "Psy-ngle Ladies" dance moves that has everyone buzzing. Mid-way through the show Psy came out on to the stage to announce the next performance but before that he decided to prove to the audience that he can do more than just his "Gangnam Style" dance. Psy does the dance moves perfectly and you gotta admit that's impressive! However, this isn't the first time he's done this. Psy did the Beyoncé moves back in April during his "Happening" concert in South Korea. Psy opened the MMVA award show with his huge hit "Gangnam Style" including his tuxedo and horse dancing along with some fireworks! And then Psy closed the show performing his new hit "Gentleman" with his music video dancers, more fireworks, and a tank top. And if you didn't catch the closing performance you might need to, cause Psy said in the press room backstage, "By the way, this was the official last performance of 'Gentleman' on TV, which was all with the fireworks, with the greatest crowd ever...Thank you Canada." What? But didn't 'Gentleman' just get here? This news shocks us, but also shows us Psy has something up his sleeves. We know his new worldwide album is coming sometime this Summer, so is he dropping another single soon? We'll keep you updated and answer that for ya later. Also at the MMVAs this year Psy took home "Viral Video of the Year" for "Gangnam Style". What do you think of Psy doing the Beyonce dance moves—too much? Should he leave Queen Bey dance moves alone! TELL US! We love your comments. I'm Misty Kingma for ClevverMusic keep it here for all your popular music news.