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    3some Episode 1 "The End"

    3some The Web Series

    by 3some The Web Series

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    Episode 1: Rob and Jenny are about to split up. Spectacularly. Meanwhile, Jenny’s ex fiancé and Rob’s ex best friend, Paul, is back from a year of travelling and ready to face the mess he left behind.

    Created, written & directed by Lisa Gifford

    Euan King as Rob
    Lisa Gifford as Jenny
    Peter Halpin as Paul
    Natalie Rosewood as Kylie

    Produced by Elisar Cabrera
    Co-Producer Carl Simons
    Cinematography by Jack Ayers
    Production Design by Lucy Attwood
    Edited by Ester Viana & Jack Ayers
    Sound by Carolyn Ong

    Song "Say Goodbye" by Kerry Norton