2nd Franco British Student Debate on cultural differences

  • il y a 11 ans
This House proposes that beer is the new wine.
Two teams representing France and Britain took part in this dynamic, gastronomical debate where they defended their national drinks. The traditional Celtic Pub, Patrick’s le BallonVert, in the 11th arrondissement provided the perfect setting for this lively yet lighthearted debate.
Both teams took to it with gusto giving impressive speeches in English even if it wasn’t always their first language. Their well thought out arguments impressing a panel of judges consisting of Stephen Clarke, a British author living in France, well known for his book “A Year in the Merde”, Jean-Pascal Sibiet, the President of the Franco-British Comparative Project and Diane de Courcel, a debating expert.
After a fierce contest, the debate was opened to the floor before the judges returned to declare Britain the victor and therefore beer the new wine.