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Nikon D7100 - LIFE IN THE WAVES - Chris Burkard Photographer

Nikon has always been pushing the boundaries of what is possible in their DLSRS. This past winter I had the chance to use a then unreleased camera for a few weeks...The Nikon D7100

Nikon Japan sent me an email a couple months ago about using this new camera and testing its capabilities as an action sports photographer. They were interested to see how this camera could work in a waterhousing, shooting surfing from the beach with telephotos, and everything in between.

We used this camera with AquaTech Waterhousings in the surf, and from the beach with the new Nikkor 80-400 F4-5.6 VRII zoom. We also tested it with the 800mm F5.6.

The camera has a couple truly unique functions.. the ability to crop in on the sensor, which also gives you a boot in FPS as well, was incredibly useful for being able to get the most out of a small and handheld setup. It made a simple 70-200 and camera a powerful telephoto for shooting from the beach with the already cropped sensor.

Also, the camera has a removed optical low-pass filter, which showed incredible detail and color rendition in the images. Similar to those of the D800 which is the only other Nikon which has this option.

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