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Terje Vigen (Victor Sjöström, 1917)

6 anni fa|1.3K visualizzazioni
"The story of an old sailor who reassesses the injustice he suffered, in the past, in the hands of the British. In spite of all the resentment, he decides not to try to avenge himself, within the context of the wisdom that life experience has awarded him. An adaptation of a famous poem of the same name by Henrik Ibsen, published for the first time in 1857. In transforming the poem into image, keeping the headings as true as possible to each verse, the film was a vast success in Sweden and also benefited from a patriotic feeling in the country in the midst of World War I. The film was also hailed as a starting point to a new era in Swedish cinema, known as the Golden Era, for raising the artistic level of cinema in the country. "