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    Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?

    Shirah Chante

    by Shirah Chante

    170 views Bad boys exist and so do bad girls. Good girls exist and so do good guys. The character of a person reveals their heart intentions whether good or bad. Good characteristics are love, peace and joy. Bad characteristics are betrayal, lies, and cheating. Good girls can shield themselves from bad boys by getting to know the person before they are intimate with them. Get character references from his friends or family. Good girls should also hang out with people like them so that they can attract the right people into their lives that won’t harm them but will help them. Desperation is a sure sign of attracting bad boy danger. If you’re desperate, look inside yourself to figure out how you can find your own worth without the help of a man. Then, you will be more attractive to him when you finally meet him.