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    Juliette's World


    by Renderyard

    Juliette has an overflowing imagination. Neglected from her parents, she survives in the
    darkness and the loneliness of her room. On her birthday, Willy - her Teddy Bear -
    disappears. Feeling lost, she looks for him all over the room but, instead, finds Marcel - a
    funny dumb human puppet - who is going to take her beyond the most frightening thing :
    getting out of that room !

    From this journey - as much initiatory as burlesque - Juliette will learn to overcome the traps
    of her fears all the way down to the Night’s World where all our toys and dreams meet their
    drowning destiny. At this point she will have to decide how to resolve the most ridiculous
    fears and go even deeper in her nightmare - The Toys Cemetery - where she will find out all
    the confidence needed to go back from the start and live in the day light all that she ever
    imagined in the darkness of her room.