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8 years ago

Wall and Roof Panel System from Solid Green Systems

Solid Green Systems -

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My name is David Carolan. I\'m the CEO and founder of the Solid Green Companies here in Austin, Texas. We are innovators in the building materials phase. We have invented and patented a wall and roof panel system that\'s made of EPS foam and light gauge steel. We also created an assembly process that allows you to quickly assemble the products on the building site to create the shell of the building.

That building is extremely energy-efficient and creates the opportunity to go all the way to a net zero building. Because we’re preconfigured to receive alternative energy and because the buildings are already energy-efficient, we can get you to net zero with a lot less cost than you might think. Alternative energy includes things like solar and wind that are already available in the marketplace.

The types of projects that we\'ve done include single-family homes, first-tim

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