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9 years ago

Gilbert Leadership Conference at Texas A&M Video, Character, Service, Involvement

Gilbert Leadership Conference 2012 | Character. Service. Involvement
Video proFile™ page: of the things that most other schools forget about, but that A&M loves and so accepts is just the tradition of the freshman class...

... It’s about character and figuring out what do you put your priorities in, what personality traits when someone looks at you, what’s really important to you...

... It’s to honor David and to inspire people with David’s life, and to share his story...

...David was just a very good friend, and he was a very good friend to anyone who he was a friend to, which was, I mean it is a ridiculous amount of people who, look at the number of people that came to the service. Look at the number of people who have come up to you guys over the years and said, “I loved your son.” I think that was the thing, is he just was endearing. If you met David, h

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