Pranking Rachel - Feature Film


What happens when three British friends decide to prank America starting with Area 51?

The small town nearby gets them back. With one friend missing and the others with nowhere to go, is this all just a bit of fun or is something a little more sinister afoot.

Pranking Rachel is the seminal road trip movie where the trip stops near the beginning of a long road.

Comedy, horror and aliens - Pranking Rachel is a thrill ride through the Nevada desert, Area 51 and small town America.

“You prank Rachel, she’s gonna get you back”

Featuring young YouTube and Vine talent including Jack Dean, Mazzi Maz, Master Ov and Em Harriss - we’re setting out to give fans control over their fate!

We want fans to have a say in Pranking Rachel, starting with how it gets made.

The teaser trailer will launch and so will a campaign to get the film made. But there will be more…

Exclusive story content on social, behind the scene pranks, interviews and fan contributions.

It’s an exciting new way of making awesome content and creating communities.

It’s going to be awesome. GET INVOLVED...