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Forget missionary, forget 69, the 77 Is the new position everybody needs to try

Introducing a new naughty number- The ’77’ sex position
So y’ll are no strangers to the 69 position. I mean it’s basically awesome, right?

Well, apparently there is a new number in town. Everyone say hello to new, G-Spot reaching and orgasm-inducing position- ’77’

The name “77” refers to the way you and your partner’s bodies look when they meld together in this side entry position. It’s similar to spooning but with a twist. The unique angling practically guides the penis to her G-spot.

The woman should lie on her side with her man behind her so that they both are facing the same direction. She then wraps her legs around his top leg and pulls him close, pushing her butt toward him as he enters her. Once he’s inside, she should straighten her legs in tandem with his so that they’re tightly sandwiched together, toes pointed. They should stay connected as they simultaneously bend at their waists, while extending their legs at a 45-degree angle away from their bodies. Folding over and assuming the 77 position in this maneuver changes the angle of penetration, creating a direct penile pathway to the front vaginal wall where her G-spot is located.

Some women need a little build up to a G-spot orgasm, so if it feels a little too intense at first, back off on the pressure or change the angle of penetration until you’re ready for more direct pressure. The clitoris and the G-spot are connected, so stimulating the clitoris while really pushing against the G-spot can be the key to taking things to the next level. Don’t be afraid to direct your partner to thrust harder (which doesn’t always mean faster!), touch your clitoris, or do whatever you need to maximize your pleasure.

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