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Popeye’s Island Adventures - Episode # 2

Epic Sandcastle Battle - Popeye and Bluto get competitive with a sandcastle building competition judged by Eugene. Things quickly get out of hand and soon there are enormous sand sculptures everywhere.

After the Big Storm - After a dark and stormy night, Popeye’s boat house has been blown out to sea. Elsewhere, Bluto’s spinach sucking machine is a wreck. Can Popeye find a way to get back on dry land and if he does, will Bluto be there waiting to pinch his plants?

Popeye the Painter - Popeye dusts off his canvas and paints to fill an empty spot on his wall. He tries to take artistic inspiration from Olive and Bluto but nothing quite seems right. Maybe a little spinach will help.

Plumbing Problems - Olive Oyl’s house is springing leaks and now there’s water everywhere. Can Olive and Popeye plug the holes and fix the pipes before the whole house is flooded?

Sick of the Hiccups - Popeye has a case of the hiccups which is causing some unwelcome problems. Can Olive find a cure and stop Popeye’s crazy convulsions?

Sports Day - Eugene creates a sporty obstacle course on the beach for Popeye and Bluto to find out who’s the fittest and fastest. On your marks, get set, GO!

Olive’s Vacation - Olive’s off on vacation but can she trust Popeye to take care of everything while she’s resting on a sunny beach? Will the mess and stress be too much for Popeye?

What’s in the Box - A package arrives for Popeye but it’s all in pieces and the instructions don’t make any sense. Can Olive help make sense of it all and build the strange machine?

Popeye’s Picnic - Everyone’s gone to the beach for a picnic but it looks like Bluto is more interested in scheming to get Popeye’s Spinach than relaxing.

Gone Fishing - Friendly fishing in the bay turns competitive between Popeye and Bluto to see who can land the biggest catch. Meanwhile Olive Oyl chases a sneaky hermit crab who pinches some spinach.

Beachball Bonanza - Popeye and Olive Oyl are at the beach playing with a big bouncy beach ball but when Jeep uses his magic to plant a cactus, it bursts the beach ball. When Bluto sees that Popeye is distracted, he disguises himself and sneaks over to Popeye's private spinach patch.

Drone Drama - Bluto builds himself a remote controlled flying drone to help him get all of Popeye’s spinach. Can Olive, Swee’ Pea and Popeye to track down Bluto and get the spinach back before it’s too late?

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