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5 years ago

Me, You and Him - Episode 1 - Psychology'd (Kollideoscope)

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Me, You and Him - Episode 1 - Psychology'd (Kollideoscope)

In this episode of Me + You & Him.
KEVIN explains to JANE what marriage is like from a man’s perspective. RALPHIE shows his sensitive side when it comes to ROSANNA. - See more at:

About Me + You & Him:
In a world of status updates, tweets, likes, & posts can anyone get this relationship thing right? Best friends, Kevin, Ralphie, and Pierce thought they were winning at dating…#NOT! - See more at: h

About Kollideoscope:
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Remember when the world seemed so full of potential? We are harnessing the power of the web and creating the next generation digital content platform that combines the traditional TV Network approach with a decidedly digital touch.

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