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il y a 7 ans

Jean Jouzel- What chances do we have to stay below the 2°C limit?

The aggregate effect of INDCs: what chances do we have to stay below the 2°C limit?

Intervention by Jean Jouzel at Ifri conference : "Climate Action beyond COP21, from International Negotiations to Universal Mobilisation?"

In the run-up to COP21, Ifri is gathering key experts to discuss the future of climate action and identify what structural changes the Paris conference could trigger.

A conference with:

Yvo de Boer, Director General of the Global Green Growth Institute, Former Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC (2006-2010)

Jean Jouzel, Climatologist, Former Vice-president of IPCC Working Group I

Kuo-Yen Wei, Minister, Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, ROC (Taiwan)

Oliver Geden, Head of EU Research Unit, SWP
Takashi Hattori, Head, Environment and Climate Change Unit, IEA
Carole Mathieu, Research fellow, Centre for Energy, Ifri

Watch also Kuo-Yen Wei and Yvo de Boer speeches

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