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Apple's iPhone 11 Pro, Apple TV Plus and 'always-on' watch unveiled

Arirang News
Arirang News
43 minit lalu|1 pandangan
After a year of slumping iPhone sales,.... Apple has come out with new models and services,... including the iPhone 11 Pro, an 'always-on' Apple watch and the Apple TV Plus.
Our Kim Da-mi takes a closer look.
Apple has unveiled its iPhone 11 series on Tuesday... with better cameras and new colors.
The new devices, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, will resemble recent models, but an Apple official says there's a big difference in the camera.
"We have an amazing dual camera system with an all new wide camera, with a new sensor, with 100 percent focus pixels for faster autofocus, three times faster in low light and we have a new ultra-wide camera, with 120 degree field of view."
Apple has also stepped up its battery game.
The iPhone 11 Pro will last 4 hours longer than the iPhone XS... and the iPhone 11 Pro Max will last 5 hours longer than the iPhone XS Max.
The new series will be available from September 20th starting at one-thousand U.S. dollars. But there won't be a 5G model.
Apple also showed off its new Apple Watch Series 5, which features a new always-on retina display for the first time.
The watch's face will always be switched on, so users won't have to raise their wrists to activate it.
A new seventh generation iPad also made it on the new Apple package.
The new edition has a larger 10-point-2 inch display with a price tag starting at 329 dollars.
On top of the new iPhone and Apple Watch lineup, people can now enjoy a new subscription service featuring Apple's original TV shows and movies.
Those who buy a NEW Apple gadget can watch free for a year.
Apple TV Plus will launch on November 1st in over 100 countries and regions.
Apple Arcade will also let subscribers play over 100 games across Apple's product line.
Both Apple Arcade and Apple TV Plus will cost under five dollars a month,... far cheaper than the popular streaming service Netflix.
KIM Da-mi, Arirang News.