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Partners get more

Become a Dailymotion partner to monetise content, create a Channel, and enjoy our content, distribution, and analytics tools.

Start earning

Whether you're looking to monetize your own videos or are simply interested in distributing premium third-party content, our monetization offerings make it easy to earn revenue from a variety of streams

Make data-driven decisions

With our suite of advanced analytics tools, you'll always have the power to fully understand your audience and revenue data. That way you can optimize your content based on concrete insights, not guesswork.

Reach millions

As a partner, you'll be able to engage a vibrant, global community of over 300 million video lovers. Our audience development tools—such as the branded channel page, advanced search, and intuitive recommendation engine—will enable you to reach new and interested viewers.

Distribute on your web properties

Our industry-leading player technology, customizable widgets, and personalized branding tools allow you to distribute your own videos or on-brand content across your web properties. And best of all, our distribution technology is 100% free to use.

Manage your content with ease

With our Media Manager, you get one intuitive system for searching, filtering, and managing all of your content. Its unified design makes it easy to upload and edit videos and fully manage live streams—including ad breaks and clip creation. It's everything video, all in one place.