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Heartthrobs and Hotties: Camila Cabello and Zendaya

l’altro ieri|57 visualizzazioni
Jana Rosenberg and the Hollywire fan girls are chatting about trending hotties Camila Cabello and Zendaya.

When it comes to Camila, aside from her music being absolutely fire, she is complete fire herself. Camila is insanely talented, has the voice of an angel and the heart of angel as well. She’s gorgeous on the outside and beautiful on the inside. We clearly aren’t the only who think so. Her boyfriend Shawn Mendes is obsessed with her and we totally see why. Those two are relationship goals!! We’ve been such a fan of Camila and we’re so happy to see her happy and absolutely killing it.

Next on the hot topic of hotties is Zendaya. Zendaya is an absolute QUEEN on the inside and out. She’s come such a long way in her career from Disney, to music, to HBO’s hit show “Euphoria”. She’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL on the inside and out. She’s been rumored to be dating co-star Jacob Elordi, BUT nothing has been confirmed. Although we have to say… we totally ship that!! Anyways, see what else Jana and the girls have to say about Zendaya being an ultimate Hollywood hottie only right here on Hollywire.