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Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud

4 hours ago

Truth has become a victim in the age of false news: CJI

Deccan Herald
Deccan Herald
Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud attended an event on ‘Law in the Age of Glocalisation’ organized by the Amerian Bar Association in New Delhi on March 04, where he addressed the topics of false news and growing technology and the changes that it has brought with itself in the society.

While addressing the dignitaries and the media he talked about the time when the Constitution of India was drafted when the makers of the constitution had no idea as to on which grounds humanity will evolve. He also spoke on false news and how truth has become the victim of it.

“When the constitution was drafted, our constitution makers possibly had no idea on lines on which humanity will evolve. We didn't possess notions of privacy, there was no internet, social media. We didn't live in world controlled by algorithms,” said DY Chandrachud.

“Just as humanity has expanded with the global advent of travel & technology, humanity has also retreated within by not willing to accept anything that we ourselves as individuals believe in, that's the challenge of our age,” he added.“Some of this is perhaps the product of technology itself. Truth has become a victim in the age of false news. With the spread of social media, something which is said as a seed germinates into virtually a whole theory which can never be tested on the anvil of rational science,’ he further said.