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il y a 2 mois

Little Nightmares - PS4/XB1/PC - OST Soundtrack 9 'The Janitor Awaits'

You are listening the track 9 from the Little Nightmares' OST - 'The Janitor Awaits'

Original Soundtrack is included in the Six Edition and standard Edition.
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OST available separately on:
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Written and produced by Tobias Lilja.
"Prison Walls" written and produced by Christian Vasselbring.
Vocals on "Lure Of The Maw", "Hypnosis" and "The Lady Circles" by Anna Moberg.
Additional production on "The Death Waltz" by Christian Björklund.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Fabriken Studios, Saltgruvan and Tarsier Studios, Malmö 2014-2017.
Thanks to Fredrik Hultin for lending us his melodeon.