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Blake Shelton

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il y a 3 ans|32 vues

What Gwen Stefani is Buying Her 'Hottest Cowboy' Blake Shelton For Christmas

Splash News TV
Splash News TV
We just saw Gwen Stefani light up the Empire State Building, but that’s not the only big, tall thing she’s brightening up this season.
According to People magazine, The singer told the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon what she’s buying her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, for Christmas.”
Gwen explains that it’s tough to shop for, quote, “the hottest cowboy ever,” but there’s one thing for sure – “he loves to be on his ranch in Oklahoma, that’s his favorite thing to do.” So, the singer is doing her best to bring the ranch to him while they reside in Los Angeles.
Gwen tells the Tonight Show, “I think because he doesn’t fit in any of my furniture at my house, he’s too big… I’m going to get you a couch, like, that’s gonna be your Christmas present… I’m putting it outside so he can put out fires and stuff like that. I try to make him comfortable in L.A.”
Sounds like Blake will be one happy camper at Christmas, literally.

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