Music Streisand Anesec

I was born i italy. I'm a single straight white male. <br />i grew up in san diego california. <br />i'm the second born son of a <br />famous vocalist named barbra streisand. <br /> the only born son of julius anesec. <br />i started to play drums in <br />trash garage punk band in 1983 <br />until about 1991. never made a Cd. <br />i started to play bass guitar <br />about 3 or 4 years ago. <br />i just mess around . i don't go to lessons. <br />all my kids are young adults. <br />i have a son with news anchor <br />jane pauley from NBC new york. <br />i have 2 daughters with the vocalist of the cardigans from sweden. i have a daughter <br /> with actress meg ryan. <br />i have a son with actress traci lords. <br />i have a son with news anchor andrea naversen <br />from kusi news san diego. <br />my son patrick that died in the 1980"s <br /> his mother vocalist gwen stefani. <br />my son lee that died in the 1980's <br /> his mother was my 9th grade math teacher. <br />i miss my little pups alot .R.I.P. <br />in the early 90's i masterminded a <br />alcoholic beverage concept called <br />goldschlager and the funds i earned from that <br />i masterminded and funded the development <br />of my video gaming tool WII. and i bought <br />lionsgate films. i made up the song smelly cat <br />from the tv show friends on NBC and i made up skechcharacters for SNL on NBC. <br />i masterminded the tv show <br />will and grace on NBC that was developed into a NBC money machine. i masterminded the film rush hour. there was alot people behind all that. <br />i made up the character austin powers. <br />i have a MTV moonman award from NYC <br />and a few other awards.