The Furious Sessions

Modern media sources, the Internet in particular, abound with interesting musical offerings in which bands perform live. While we feel their appearance is indeed positive, sound, a crucial factor for musical ensembles, is not always given the importance it deserves. <br />With this objective in mind, "The Furious Sessions" was born. A joint project between the Sol de Sants Studios and the video production company RiD produccions, this initiative consists of live sessions in which video and sound are recorded without restrictions. The bands make use of the finest and most modern equipment, ensuring their music reaches you with impeccable image and sound quality. <br />These sessions, albeit inside or outside the studio, are made possible thanks to the infrastructure and personnel of Sol de Sants Studios in Barcelona, with RiD produccions in charge of image, lending the videos an intimate atmosphere and immense visual quality. This combination conceives music videos which feature the finest studio sound, wherein you can catch a glimpse of the best Spanish and international pop/rock groups playing like they were in your front room. <br />External Links <br />