Skipping from the school bench to the world stage, Patrice released his first EP and before graduation, walked across the stage to open for Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation Tour. He brought soul on tours with the original Black Eyed Peas, and once his album dropped, his career soared.
Known more for his live shows, people hyped Patrice by word of mouth alone. His live shows sold out without album releases. In the most unexpected places like Portugal or Romania 5000 people turning up and singing his songs word for word, as “Lions”, “Everyday Good” and later “Soulstorm” leaked across fan’s consciousness. That’s been the story of the growth of his music.

Patrice’s latest venture into his life’s work, the album “The Rising of the Son,” acts as a personification of where he began at age 11. Journeys throughout the African Diaspora brought sounds from Jamaica, Cologne, Germany, France and the UK into a powerful medley of note symbols.