We are a 4-headed young filmteam who specialize in shortfilms. By that we try to put our own ideas into film and thereby create something new. One of our main topic is the dancing. Since dancing is more then just moving your body around, we try to tell a story with it, regardless what kind of dance it is. Anyway we do not want to concentrate on dancing only and are open for new things. What is most important for us is that we are doing what we have in our minds and by that being creative without any limits and be original in our way. Our goal is to be a big inspiration for everyone, regardless whether they are dancers or not. We ourselve are inspirated by people like Daniel Cloud, John M. Chu, LXD, T7 and a lot more! Inspiration changes the world and brings new essence into life.

When did it started
The whole story started in February 2011 when Bao and Julien, who used to love to entertain the people with their shows, suddenly had the idea to make a film out of a show. This idea grew bigger and bigger, so that both of them created a whole shortfilm out of it. This film was called "More Than Bread". Realizing that this is something where someone can be creative on a much higher level, JuBafilms was born. "With Big Trouble in Little Bistro" both of them worked with Hilli and quickly realised, that even though he is not a dancer, we are able to work perfectly together and became close friends. With our 3d project "Be Individual" we met Vincent, who not only became our friend and music designer, but also amaze us with his music.