The series ‘Governance in Africa Conversations’, presented by Armando Conte – former BBC World Service journalist and broadcaster – brings together some of the most important and inspired thinkers, policy makers and experts focusing on issues affecting governance in Africa.

Governance is critical for development – and development is critical for governance – and has become a powerful theme of discussions of development in Africa and elsewhere. But there is a need for more debate within Africa on these issues.

The series is part of the ‘Governance for Development Initiative’ at the Centre of African Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London in the United Kingdom, funded by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

The aim of the interviews is to contribute to the debate on governance and development in Africa, and answer some of the questions that are important for a better understanding of governance: what does ‘good governance’ mean? Is the relationship between governance and development outcomes (economic growth, poverty reduction, improved health, greater freedom, etc) beyond question? Which governance changes make the most difference to people’s well-being and to structural change in Africa? What are the lessons of governance reforms across different African countries?