Loren Woirhaye

Skills and Talents don't always come easily. When a person is an effective marketer its not all natural, I just take an interest in something or other and read and practice until I get the idea. Some things can be learned quickly but others, like marketing and music, are lifetime skills. You can learn to emulate or surpass what I have accomplished online. Its no big deal. It just requires the right information and <br />application. <br /><p> <br />For me marketing on the internet is fascinating and confusing. There are so many new opportunities to reach out online, but with it also comes a sort of "noise level" - and I think we are all getting "ad blindess". <br /></p><p> <br />I think networking and marketing have a real opportunity to move forward with the new internet - Web 2.0 as they call it... but its important to realize that the same qualities that contribute to building rewarding relationships offline are going to apply online.... <br /></p><p> <br />A lot of folks have feet of clay online and there is so much hype in the industry. It <br />takes a certain <i> discernment</i> to tell when some program or other is worth joining. <br /></p><p> <br /><b>Trust <br /></b></p><p> <br />Trust online is at an all-time low. Everybody seems to be out to sell something to everybody else, and that business model makes sense today and a lot of people are figuring that out. <br /></p><p> <br /><b>The Big Challenge. <br /></b></p><p> <br />Cutting through the B.S. and really connecting with people online... not for a quick "grab the money" sale but for long-term win-win relationships is the new challenge. There are no shortcuts to doing this... you have to invest time in building those relationships if you want them to be good-quality. <br /></p><p> <br /><b>Separate the Wheat from The Chaff <br /></b> <br /></p><p>There are a lot of people online trying to "network" with a picture of a pretty girl in place of their real selves... and other such minor deceptions... <br /></p><p> <br />I "sort" for people who are genuine. Those who want to learn and talk and check out new ideas in the marketplace. If a person is "hiding" behind a website with exagerrated hypey content and no phone number.... well I figure that person doesn't care about networking or assisting others too much. I don't pay much attention to those who try to anonymize their networking activities. <br /></p><p> <br />Life is too short to waste time "networking" with people who are not authentic. <br /></p><p> <br /><b>Putting Up The Goods - here's my phone number - 310-359-8494 - skype id: lorenww</b></p><p> <br /><b>Click Here For My Business Portfolio and Marketing System</b></p><p> <br />Click Here To Learn More About Me, Marketing, and The Programs I Recommend</p><p> <br /> Click Here To Tour My Search Engine Marketing System And Lead Generating Machine</p><p> <br /> Click Here To Learn How To Start Making Money With Only $5.oo <br /></p><p> <br />Click Here To Instantly Blast Your Advertisement to 15 Million Sites - FREE <br /></p><p> <br />Click Here To See The Money Machine Survey Website</p><p> <br /><br /> </p>