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Taking photographs in a drab studio is like opening a jar of Nutella and discovering it's empty.
I can’t see a soul in a white platform.
How can anyone posing express himself?
How can a photographer express himself?
I don’t use electronic light, I love what the day has to offer, to photograph what I see.
My eye is the lens, at times unfocused and at times it moves too quickly,
but it captures what I like most.
The exposure meter is in my mind, I don’t want to sacrifice the person posing by making him wait until everything has been calculated, measured, tried and checked. I make my assessment in a fraction of a second, so the person posing is free to interpret. Taking photographs in a far-away country or in my own garden, on the rooftop of a skyscraper in New York or in the my cellar makes me feel free.
It’s what I see looking around me.

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