Jonathan Choquel

<br /><br />Please take a minute to check out my video podcast : <br /><br /> <br /><br />- A pimped-out skateboard with a plasma screen ? <br /><br />--> Episode 6 <br /><br />- Skateboarding + Champagne = ? <br /><br />--> Episode 25 <br /><br />- An underground city-guide of San Francisco ? <br />--> Episode 22 <br /><br />- Exclusive New Era caps ? <br />--> Episode 24 <br /><br />- How to DJ ? <br /><br />- How to create a beat with an MPC ? <br /><br />- Interviews (Dave Kinsey, Tony Hawk, Mike Giant, Keith Hufnagel, Jovontae Turner...) <br /><br />And you can susbscribe for free - you just have to click on the 'iTunes' button (on top of the homepage of my website). <br /><br />Let me know what you think ! <br /><br />L8R <br /><br />DJON <br />