Pascal Payant

Pascal Payant is a seasoned leader in visual poetry. Based in Montreal and a man of many talents; he writes, produces and directs every aspect of his art. He graduated at the university in movies psychological analysis writing and has since amassed a world wide fan base as well as many collaborators. Pascal has gained the respect and admiration of international musicians willing to provide the perfect musical atmosphere for his films. <br /><br />He has fascinated us all with his Un equalled sense of dreamy, melancolic and romantic ambiances. His films exhibit extraordinary emotions – each more visually stunning than the last. Even if all his films were made with zero budget and no team, He always found a way to create magical emotions. <br /><br />His movies have been in Finland, Canada, Norway, Sweden and now Los Angeles festivals. <br /><br />Pascal Payant is a unique artist and creator of sumptuous films.He is totally dedicated to his work. He finances his own films and shoot each and every scene most of the time alone, without other crew than a hair & makeup artist. Because of the ultra-low budget dedicated to each of his movie, his films are often entirely shot in less than 3 days, after which, he does his own editing, writing, casting, location and more. <br /><br />Sensitive to music, Pascal always seeks for songs that would complement his films and create the perfect feeling and atmosphere for each of his project. Fortunately throughout the years, his art got noticed and brought him collaboration with great music bands from around the globe. <br /><br />His devotion to his film got him noticed by Montreal's VOX TELEVISION MEDIA, where he has been interviewed.