Yosra Mahnouch

© █║║ Official Dailymotion Account<br /><br />Yosra is a young tunisian singer.Gifted with a beautiful voice full of strength and tenderness.Daughter of Tunisian poet Hbib Mahnouch and the singer Hazar.<br /><br />She was a student at the Institute of Press and Information Sciences (IPSI) at Manouba in Tunisia.<br /><br />On 2007, she has participated in the music program SUPERSTAR (Season 4) aired on Lebanese TV FUTURE.She was one of three final candidates. she was eliminated a week before the final.<br /><br />On 2012, yosra partcipated in the famous program "The Voice" with its arabic version on MBC1. She was finalist.<br /><br />Hoping all the best for yosra in her future career.