Xpresit Network is a Free Speech Echomail Network. More info on the YouTube link or at: http://www.xpresit.net ... This DailyMotion Profile is going to focus more on topics that are extremely controversial. I do however encourage you to keep an open mind. Truth is not defined by what seems logical nor is bullshit defined by what seems illogical or outlandish. Once upon a time -- it seemed logical that the Earth was FLAT and that the sun and the other planets revolved around it. Today we of course know that this is not true at all. Back in those days the idea of the Earth revolving around the sun, the Earth being round and that the stars were not moving but rather the Earth was spinning on its axis -- well -- if you said such things back then -- you'd be put to death for heracy in the worst case or locked up as a lunatic in the best case. The overall human mindset is still just as stupid. If you disagree with your government, you are unpatriotic. If you question the church, you are without God and will forever burn in hell. The educational system teaches you to memorize and obey -- NOT learn. Life is defined by imagined limits, what we supposedly can not do, what is supposedly immoral and what supposedly is and is not proper. Proper has absolutely nothing to do with FACT. Prejudice is the standard law of the land as differences are seen in a conformist world as being "bad" as opposed to "unique". So do not be so quick to think we are beyond the days of witch hunts and superstition. We are still primitive and immature as a race. So don't delude yourself into thinking otherwise. The only way to "Grow Up" as a race is to wake up, realize what reality actually is and start making our own choices as opposed to others doing our thinking for us. After all -- God helps those who help themselves.