It’s interesting to create images as a way to examine people and explore what is important to them. The value they place in their family, the music they create or the meaning behind their tattoos reveals much about themselves. Those are internal qualities. Then there are external elements such as patterns, textures, color and shadow, which are equally intriguing. They can be arranged in a composition to help conjure up elusive subjects, like a person’s spirit or a sense of the place they inhabit.<br /><br />So, by extension, historical sites figure prominently in my images. The landscapes and interiors of these locations are where great thinkers lived and worked to pursue their vision. Indeed, my recent commissions from the U.S. National Park Service include the home of President Theodore Roosevelt, the home and studio of J. Alden Weir (one of the founders of American Impressionism) and the studio of Mahonri Young (a renowned sculptor of the Ashcan School). Perhaps, after experiencing these collections, viewers will feel compelled to visit the parks where they, too, can examine these leaders and explore the ideas that were important to them.