Welcome to my channel! <br /><br />I don't use this site as much so PLEASE add me on YouTube! I have a new account since xXPikaPrincessXx got suspended. <br /><br />http://youtube.com/KhFangirl25 <br /><br />Also add me on Livevideo where I'll be uploading my Amvs! <br /><br />http://livevideo.com/KhFangirl25 <br /><br />I am KhFangirl25/xXPikaPrincessXx from YouTube! Well, I'll be uploading some of my videos on here as long as Dailymotion doesn't reject them. I won't be able to upload all of them but I'll try and upload some of them. <br /><br />I hope you enjoy my channel and videos and feel free to contact me on YouTube with any questions/concerns! ~